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      Thank you to our September and October adopters!

      Courtney Stofko
      Beth Long
      Emily Long
      Riley Long
      Zack Long
      Liz Backo
      Grant Steder
      Chuck, Heather, Christian, Tabitha, Kasidy, Alison, Eli & Ela Hardin
      Abby White
      Denise Werkman
      Allison Terrill
      Shannon Terrill
      In Memory of Linda Schaefer
      Kelly J. McCarthy
      Adam and Adrian, Mo and Mera
      Agnes Wear
      Alice Wear
      Ava J. King
      Barry, Jen, Noah and Katie Kessler
      Beatrice Wear
      Camilla Wear
      Cassandra Maas
      Donna Lees
      Eli Hughes
      Emilia Amore
      Emma Hughes
      Esther Wear
      George Wear
      J. D. Moore
      Kayleigh Sobona
      Kylah Sabol
      Lucy Wear
      Myles Wear
      Sheena Datta
      Skylar R. King
      Alisa Landers
      Andrew Adrian-Karlin
      Anthony Colaprete
      Anthony Dulski
      Deegan Martin
      Ellery Ketchum
      Ellie Beach
      Emma Conard
      Evie Boor
      In Memory of Aunt Dolly
      In Memory of Rich Landers
      In Memory of Tammy Gill
      Jason and Catherine Adams
      Jennifer Dicenzo
      Julian Kozel
      Kassandra Hobbs
      Lucy Michaels
      Mary Rosendale
      Michelle Forry
      Mila Laura Patil
      Olivia Bilak
      Pack 43 Lions – Vincent and Zaden
      Paige Altman
      Piper Lovas
      Rachel DiMatteo
      Rylie Beach
      Sherri Dabecco
      Steph Swift
      The Raderman Family
      Elana Seymore
      Evalyn Seymore

      Play a direct role in promoting the well-being of your favorite residents!?

      All animal species are available for adoption!

      All adoptions are valid for a one-year period and may be renewed annually. Adopted animals may have multiple adoptive donors and no ownership rights are conferred by adopting an animal. All adopted animals remain in the care and custody of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, but we hope you will visit often!

      The name of each adopter is posted on this page monthly and on the Adopt-An-Animal board located next to the Safari Gift Shop on Zoo grounds. All levels of adoption packages include a personalized adoption certificate, a magnet, monthly Z-mail updates, and an issue of our ZooInsider newsletter.


      Please allow 2-3 weeks for your adoption package to arrive.

      Featured Creatures

      • African Elephant
      • African Lion
      • American Alligator
      • Amur Tiger
      • Barn Owl
      • Black Rhinoceros
      • California Sea Lion
      • Clouded Leopard
      • Capybara
      • Cheetah
      • Elephant Seal
      • Galapagos Tortoise
      • Grant’s Zebra
      • Komodo Dragon
      • Masai Giraffe
      • Penguins
      • Polar Bear
      • Pygmy Hippo
      • Red Panda
      • Sea Otter
      • Sea Turtle
      • Western Lowland Gorilla
      • River Otter

      Donation Benefits